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Photos from my 2020-2021 solo show at Maraya Art Centre in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Curated by Sven Christian Schuch.

From The Exhibition Catalog:

A Private Collection of Printed Matters is the first institutional solo exhibition of American artist and printmaker Brian Gonzales in the UAE and delves deep into his private collection of contemporary printmaking – reflecting on how we surround ourselves with certain objects of personal matters and what they mean to us.

Showing the collection of the artist in its different states of being and in its entirety, the exhibition, rather than evaluating each art piece on its own, re-creates a microcosm, in which all elements play a crucial role in the overall experience guiding the audience through a very personal approach of presentation.

Every form of print in the collector’s possession is present within the exhibition – even though the visitor may not see all of them out in the open – showcasing a portrait of the person Brian Gonzales while also allowing the audience an intimate glimpse into the print making community in which the artist plays a vital part.

The exhibition invites the audience to momentarily be a part of the artist’s life, sit in his ‘living room’, hear about his personal stories, watch the artworks surrounding him on a daily basis, feel the excitement of opening a new box of prints by friends and colleagues never seen before first hand – providing a wider understanding of the printmaking process, its strong sense of community and the overall idea of collecting.